Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a beautiful Mother's Day. I really missed my sweet girl Melissa but enjoyed talking to her on the phone. Andy made all of us a delicious lunch with grilled chicken and lots of other good stuff. He told me later he wants no part of being a chef...even though it was a super good. Guess I'll have to keep cooking :o)

I made this card for my mom (and for Andy's mom too) We were both blessed with super good mothers and we are thankful!

Pretty hanging basket for my momma from my sister Lori and me

My sweet momma and me

Great Grandma and Olivia making a playdough cake

Pretty soon everyone got in on the playdough fun

Little daredevil Ella standing on the edge of her seat playing

Want some playdough cake Grammy?

There's a sweet smile...Ella and Grandpa are apparently up to something fun

Grammy and Ella sharing smiles in the kitchen

It was FINALLY warm and beautiful here this weekend so I finally got the porch ready for spring then today the kids added this beautiful hanging basket

This basket should look familiar. I laughed when the kids brought it in. It is the exact basket I picked out for my mom...I thought it was the prettiest basket in the greenhouse and now I have one of my own --Thanks guys!

Some Mother's Day family photos of my lovely daughter-in-law Jennifer and her sweet family

All three moms...Ella was in desperate need of a nap by now

Playing with grammy's bracelet helped...but she was not supposed to eat it

Reflecting on a great day spent with (or talking to)the people I love most in the world makes me one thankful momma/grammy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guess I'll Have to Keep My Day Job!

I finally finished these cookies for a baby shower this weekend. All I have to say is that I could NEVER do this for a living!

The stress would kill me. Guess I'll stick to newsletters and bulletins :o)