Friday, February 18, 2011

Pocket-Dialing and a Cuddly Baby

So...somehow I managed to pocket-dial my sister today and she (and her staff) got to listen in on a full hour of fun as we took Olivia and Ella to Dairy Queen for lunch! Good grief...

Ella has always been such a good napper--until lately. Not so good today, but it turned out great for grammy. After a really short morning nap and a shorter afternoon nap she was still sleepy and snuggly. I decided to take advantage of the super nice weather and we sat out on the swing for about 45 minutes, just singing and cuddling. Every time I would stop singing--she would make a cute little uh-uh sound and get me to go again.

Grandpa came out toward the end and snapped a picture. It was some of the sweetest snuggle-time with Ella ever!

Now I need to go charge my cell...the battery is about dead for some strange reason :o)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Sweethearts!

I spent today surrounded by some of the sweetest people in my life.

My "middle-size" Valentine with her chocolate covered animal crackers. Olivia told me that she is my middle-sized Valentine, Ella is my littlest Valentine and grandpa is the biggest...I can agree with that!

So cute!

Making a card for Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Dean who surprised us by stopping by today.

The tongue sticking out always helps concentration

Great Grandma and the girls cookin' up something good

My ABSOLUTE favorite picture of the day of two of my absolute favorite people

Isn't she sweet?

We enjoyed a great supper at home with grilled steaks, steamed broccoli, dipped strawberries/clementines and chocolate mouse. Delish!

A self-portrait of my favorite Valentine and me

How could a day not be good surrounded by such special blessings! Hope your day was full of sweetness, blessings and love too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

That's Quite a Ring!

Olivia came back to Grammy's house from her preschool Valentine's Day party very excited. She sat for an hour looking over and over her Valentines telling me if they were from "new" friends or "old" friends. (Her preschool class has some new students this semester).

Her absolute favorite Valentine was a ring pop! She unwrapped it, put it on, took a lick and said: "Now I have a ring just like mommy and grandma Terry."

I'll bet you didn't know that Jennifer and I had such fine taste in jewlery!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Monday Fun!

Lots of fun today with our favorite little girlies. Grandpa loves to read to them. Another favorite for Olivia and Grandpa scrolling back through my blog to look at pics and watch videos Olivia and I were punching out the rest of the cards for her Dora Memory Game and we decided the grids looked like a cage--so we taped them together to make a cage for puppy and Olivia became the zookeeper Not sure what this was, but part of the zookeeper/puppy show. I got to sit and applaud for puppy's tricks. It was hilarious: he sat up, laid down, and rolled over and Olivia was so proud! We made mini pizza's for lunch from biscuit dough. Olivia took the sauce spreading very seriously But, her favorite part was eating cheese...she told us, "I love snitching!" This picture from last week cracks me up. Ella and Annie are both looking for leftovers from Ella's lunch Ella is really starting to enjoy the babies
So ends the Monday fun...back to work cute pictures will follow.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Day Is It Anyway?

Goodness what a crazy week! I really had to stop and think about what day of the week it is. Grandpa and I both caught little Ella's cold. However, I topped mine off with a killer sinus infection. Antibiotics have kicked in and I am starting to feel a bit better--long way to go to 100% but definately better. I spent the whole weekend trying to keep my head from exploding. Then Tuesday the blizzard began...Here are some pics of the aftermath.

Love this one--if you click to enlarge you can see the look on Andy's face as he was beginning to assess the shoveling job--yikes!

He measured-- 22inches, however some of that was drifted. We figure we only got around 15. (Did I really say only)

My sweet hubby hard at work

Looking out the backdoor at the rose garden--almost can't see the garden girl

These things are all on the covered back porch. We were shocked how much snow piled up on them

This is the sidewalk leading to the back door. Don't expect to use it anytime soon

This shot should be a lovely view of the pond, it doesn't appear to be there...

This is the sidewalk to the front door. I wouldn't expect to use this door anytime soon either

Glad I kept the sled on the porch from Christmas. Looks like it might be the more efficient form of transportation...then again maybe NOT!

Can't have a good grammy blog post without some recent pictures of the grandgirls. Love this one--makes me think of the song Sisters from White Christmas :o)

I think Olivia is giving Ella a lesson on jewelry and just how much a girl should wear

Ella is watching intently

Here is a pic of Olivia getting ready for pajama day at preschool. Note baby Behemouth has matching jammies.

Not sure what it was for, but LOVE the face!

I'll finish up with couple of sweet Ella...she just makes me smile!

And by the is Wednesday--I checked the front of my cell phone :o)