Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Day Is It Anyway?

Goodness what a crazy week! I really had to stop and think about what day of the week it is. Grandpa and I both caught little Ella's cold. However, I topped mine off with a killer sinus infection. Antibiotics have kicked in and I am starting to feel a bit better--long way to go to 100% but definately better. I spent the whole weekend trying to keep my head from exploding. Then Tuesday the blizzard began...Here are some pics of the aftermath.

Love this one--if you click to enlarge you can see the look on Andy's face as he was beginning to assess the shoveling job--yikes!

He measured-- 22inches, however some of that was drifted. We figure we only got around 15. (Did I really say only)

My sweet hubby hard at work

Looking out the backdoor at the rose garden--almost can't see the garden girl

These things are all on the covered back porch. We were shocked how much snow piled up on them

This is the sidewalk leading to the back door. Don't expect to use it anytime soon

This shot should be a lovely view of the pond, it doesn't appear to be there...

This is the sidewalk to the front door. I wouldn't expect to use this door anytime soon either

Glad I kept the sled on the porch from Christmas. Looks like it might be the more efficient form of transportation...then again maybe NOT!

Can't have a good grammy blog post without some recent pictures of the grandgirls. Love this one--makes me think of the song Sisters from White Christmas :o)

I think Olivia is giving Ella a lesson on jewelry and just how much a girl should wear

Ella is watching intently

Here is a pic of Olivia getting ready for pajama day at preschool. Note baby Behemouth has matching jammies.

Not sure what it was for, but LOVE the face!

I'll finish up with couple of sweet Ella...she just makes me smile!

And by the is Wednesday--I checked the front of my cell phone :o)


Dawn said...

Cute pictures. Amazing snow storm! We've had 2 days off school for no snow, no ice, no wind, just cold. Weird, when you grew up in northern Minnesota!

grammy said...

Oh man you do have a lot of Dawn said...we just have the below 0 weather here. Brrrr
The girls are adorable as usual (o: