Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun With a Box!

It was so cold Friday night, we decided to stay in and watch a movie in front of the cozy fire...Watched Inception. We liked it but boy was it hard to follow.

Friday morning started out with some fun with a box. It was the favorite toy of the day.

When I came out from putting Ella down for a nap, I found our goofy girl sitting in the box on the coffee table. I wasn't sure it was a great idea, but she was so excited and ended up having a ball.

She sat in the box

She hid in the box

She popped out of the box

She lounged in the box

And just generally looked cute in the box

Grandpa came home and admired the fun in the box

Puppy had his own box

I just like this pic...she wanted me to get a picture of giggle bear

Couldn't finish without a picture of our darling big girl Ella.

And the age old truth stays true...who needs toys when you have a cardboard box!


Pop Art Minis said...

Oh,memories! Adorable pix. I totally remember the fun we had with a cardboard box when we were kids. My Dad used to bring home the big refrigerator boxes from Sears...we played for hours with those boxes. maybe that's where we learned to "think outside the box as well as in it!" LOL

grammy said...

My DIL was throwing away a box from the 'Build a Bear'
they are shaped like a house. Oh my...that has got soooo much use at Grandmas house (o:
Yes...she was looking cute in a box!