Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Halloween Fun

We had plenty of Halloween fun at Grammy's house the last week or two. Olivia is not a fan of costumes of any kind, so it has been challenging. We worked on some fun crafts like a pumpkin face and she really enjoyed making her own tiger mask.

Grandpa and I hadn't done a Jack-o-Lantern in quite a few years, but decided it would be fun to have one for our porch and fun for our adorable little helper.

Scoopin' out the insides

Someone's having fun...or plotting mischief--which do you think?

Is it clean enough yet?

Grandpa, Olivia, Puppy and Smiling Jack :o)

Olivia told me that puppy wanted a picture with Jack...

We washed up the pumpkin seeds to roast. They were washed and washed and washed and washed--I'm pretty sure this was Olivia's favorite part.

Here's the cutest little monkey who came to call on Halloween night showing me her paws and best cheesy grin. We didn't get to see little Ella in her costume, she was pretty worn out by the time they got to us.

Our other favorite girls who stopped by for a litte Boo to You fun. Jaclyn the beautiful witch and her adorable kitty cat sister Julia.

We had lots of trick-or-treat kids this year...they pretty much cleaned out the candy and that is a very good thing for Grammy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Oliva and Grammy made lasagna today for Sunday dinner with the family.

She was heavy handed with the cheese...I say you can never have too much cheese. I am pretty sure Olivia consumed as much as she put in the dish. She was a great helper.

Can't wait till tomorrow. I think it will be the best was definately more fun cooking than usual.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Happy Day with the Grandgirls!

I haven't been around the blog for way too long. We were gone for a week on vacation (someday I'll get pics up). The week before was spent working like crazy to get ready to be gone a week and since then I have been playing catch up. However, things have finally come back to our normal, somewhat crazy routine. We had our sweet girlies today and I got some cute pics to share.

This is our silly little Ella's new trick. She's crawling like a pro, and pulling up to a half-stand. It is adorable and she does it alot. She stays and plays this way for a long time...cracks me up.

I think Ella may be the happiest baby ever

She smiles and giggles all the time.

Olivia and I broke out my new Cricut paper doll cartridge today. She LOVED it. She made a get well card for mommy and a farm picture. She told me Mommy would feel better when she saw the farm. She also told me Mommy was sick because she didn't brush her teeth :o) Who knew you could get the flu from not brushing!

She was very specific about how she wanted to make her farm picture. It needed a red barn with green tractor like Uncle Dan's. It also needed a daddy pig, a mommy pig, a big sister pig and a baby pig :o)

Here Olivia is showing her creation to her most appreciative audience.

Explaining to Grandpa how she cut the grass with the really cool scissors

I should add a picture of the way my room looks tonight after a day of 3 year old crafting. She is definately a messy crafter just like grammy :o) Better get to the clean up!