Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun With a Box!

It was so cold Friday night, we decided to stay in and watch a movie in front of the cozy fire...Watched Inception. We liked it but boy was it hard to follow.

Friday morning started out with some fun with a box. It was the favorite toy of the day.

When I came out from putting Ella down for a nap, I found our goofy girl sitting in the box on the coffee table. I wasn't sure it was a great idea, but she was so excited and ended up having a ball.

She sat in the box

She hid in the box

She popped out of the box

She lounged in the box

And just generally looked cute in the box

Grandpa came home and admired the fun in the box

Puppy had his own box

I just like this pic...she wanted me to get a picture of giggle bear

Couldn't finish without a picture of our darling big girl Ella.

And the age old truth stays true...who needs toys when you have a cardboard box!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Hubby

Happy Birthday to my dear, handsome hubby! You are the best blessing God could ever have given me. You are a wonderful husband, friend, father, and a pretty great grandpa! I love you more than words can say. Hope the day is as special as you are!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Just Couldn't Resist

I was just editing some pictures of Ella that I took last Friday and couldn't resist sharing them. She is getting so big and growing up so fast. Do you think it would do any good to tell her to slow it down a little?

Grandpa and Ella--all smiles!

This next series of shots show our determined big girl going after a toy that was beyond her reach--but not for long.

Love this big toothy grin

Of course I have to add a cute pic or two of Ella's big sister. She decided this would be a comfy way to watch Mickey's Clubhouse--more goofy than comfy, but whatever works.

Our pretty big girl and her best buddy. She's getting big too fast too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Day for Fun!

Life has been wild here the last few weeks. Lots of dr. appointments, tests and procedures besides the holiday busyness. So far results are all good and things are getting back to our somewhat crazy normal. Monday our adorable granddaughters came back for our regular babysitting day. Grammy was in need of some time to sit and play and that is just what we did.

We were just finishing up breakfast and I was zooming Ella in to "get" Olivia and they were both cracking up. Grandpa grabbed the camera and the result was two of my favorite pictures in a long time.

We played in our tent--

Olivia and I built a castle for puppy. She kept telling me "He's just going to LOVE it!

Ella had some fun with the blocks and grammy had some fun with the camera

It was such a fun day...seeing the pictures makes me look anxious for Friday!