Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Am Blessed!

My sweetie showed up a little while ago with a beautiful bouquet of mulit-colored roses...

I think he's a keeper ;o)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Felix Family Reunion

We traveled to Indiana Saturday for my husband's family reunion. We met at Andy's cousin's farm for a day of lots of good food and family fun. There were 40 something members of the family in attendance--which was great! Here is a pic of the whole gang:

This is Andy's parent's generation group shot

There were TONS of pictures taken...and TONS of photographers :o)

Andy was excited about this shot of all his generation cousins--only one was missing and that is pretty remarkable.

This is Andy's mom and her part of the Felix gang

Andy's Uncle Curley and his crew

The Childress bunch

The Russ Felix family

These are Andy's dad's cousins Dale/Mary; Bill/Lorraine

Great Grandma May got sweet little Ella laughing, I'm not sure which one of them enjoyed it more.

Had to include one of Olivia :o)

Some of the group hanging around

Patti had a great room of toys where Olivia and Grandma Terry had some fun out of the sun.

I am not ashamed to own up to being a wimp...I declined the hay ride in the 100 degree heat/humidity, but those who went had a good time and made it home safely...even with Becky at the wheel :o)

It was a very good day of reminiscing for most and getting to know family they didn't know well for some of the youngest generation. We continue to feel blessed to be part of a large extended family who love each other well.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Spur of the Moment Summer Trip!

A couple of days ago I was showing my sweet hubby a friend's pictures from their recent trip to Starved Rock State Park, and he decided we needed to go we did! We had a great day, the sky was a little overcast which was a blessing. This spectacular park is only about an hour from our house but unfortunately we hadn't taken the time to visit for many, many years.

We hiked for miles, way up and way down...

This first pic is of Starved Rock taken from Lover's Leap

The next taken from Lover's Leap of Starved Rock. It looks like a LOOOONNNNGGG way between the two and it is. I decided I needed picture proof that I had made it to the top of each :o)

Apparently one of us was surprised the other made it all the way up the million stairs...

While the peaks had amazing "birds-eye" views of the river and the woods, the canyons were stunning as well.

We enjoyed a lovely brunch at the Starved Rock Inn and relaxed for a bit enjoying the pretty views. After lunch we walked and climbed until we couldn't go a step further.

We saw one particular waterfall from the bottom, from the middle and then from the origin of the was cool to see it from all angles.

The end of the day found us sweaty, tired, mosquito biten, muscles aching, but relaxed and happy...thinking perhaps we should be spontaneous more often!