Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simply the Best...

Tom and Jennifer came for supper tonight with their adorable girlies. We enjoy having them here so much. After supper while I was sitting in the rocking chair cuddling with sweet little Ella, watching Olivia play at her little table, a feeling of pure happines and peace washed over me in a way I have seldom felt before. It felt like this is exactly what my life was meant to be. Grandpa Andy and I are truly blessed...

Now that I am done being sappy I will add some pictures of the evening.

Grammy and Ella Faith

Getting to know Grandpa Andy

Blurry...but cute of Grandpa and his girls

Olivia took a picture of Mommy

And a picture of Daddy--not a bad photographer for 2 years old :o)

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Visit from Big Sister Olivia

Big Sister Olivia came to play this morning. We had a WONDERFUL time. She played and played with Annie. I think Annie missed her as much as we did! We also worked on making Olivia's very own little picture book about baby sister Ella. Grammy forgot to take a picture of her creation, but it was cute and she was quite proud of her work. We still have pages to fill with more pictures of her other grandma and grandpa and special people like that. We finished off the morning with a trip to Culvers for lunch. She really enjoyed that...especially the chocolate milk. When we were ordering, she asked the cashier: "May I have some ice cream please?" It was ADORABLE. Of course we finished lunch with ice cream :o)

The time absolutely flew by...Grandma and Grandpa TOTALLY enjoyed a special morning with our sweet girl.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today Was the Best Day!

You will find one of my favorite verses from the Psalms printed on the header of my blog--The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy. That perfectly sums up my feelings today. This morning our family joyously welcomed a perfect new little baby girl...Ella Faith. Mommy, daddy, big sister Olivia Grace and sweet baby Ella are all doing wonderfully.

Daddy and Ella Faith

Love the chubby little cheeks!

She's already stolen Grandpa's heart

Grammy and her newest sweetheart

The whole adorable family

Big sister Olivia checking out Ella's tiny fingers

We are so thankful to God for her safe arrival and cannot wait to get to know our newest little blessing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Scrap Inspiration

If you could use some scrapping inspiration, be sure to check out the March gallery at Freehand Scraps.
I love this kit called Clothespin full of new stuff from CHA and a special handmade flower made from vintage sewing patterns. Here is one layout I particularly loved by guest designer Jill Sprott

I still have some dress fitting pics from Melissa's wedding (way behind, I know) that I have not done yet...may have to lift this idea :o)

Love this one by Holly Stork too...

All the great ideas makes me want to scrap tonight--not likely, but at least I want to.