Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simply the Best...

Tom and Jennifer came for supper tonight with their adorable girlies. We enjoy having them here so much. After supper while I was sitting in the rocking chair cuddling with sweet little Ella, watching Olivia play at her little table, a feeling of pure happines and peace washed over me in a way I have seldom felt before. It felt like this is exactly what my life was meant to be. Grandpa Andy and I are truly blessed...

Now that I am done being sappy I will add some pictures of the evening.

Grammy and Ella Faith

Getting to know Grandpa Andy

Blurry...but cute of Grandpa and his girls

Olivia took a picture of Mommy

And a picture of Daddy--not a bad photographer for 2 years old :o)


grammy said...

My Grand Girls are always wanting my camera (o:
Olivia is a good photographer (o:
I have plenty of those sappy moments
my youngest is almost three and no signs of more babies from my other two children. I miss holding the tiny ones.

Oh by the way, did your husband use to be a red head??? Maybe we have found his lost twin after all (o:

Dawn said...

BTW - Olivia sure looks like her grandpa!

Dawn said...

Wonderful day for you. There is absolutely nothing better than holding a newborn baby.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Saps of the world.........UNITE! lol I am one of the BIGGEST saps around. I know I will be even worse when I'm a grandma!

Olivia seems to have a future in photography! Great shots!