Saturday, April 17, 2010

Great Grandma and a Blast from the Past

Great Grandma May came today to meet sweet little Ella Faith. We had a great day. Over the years May has made lovely quilts for her grandkids and now her great-grands. She brought Ella's today--it is colorful and beautiful!

Andy's two sisters came for the day as well. While they were here, they decided to try to replicate a favorite photo of the three of them when they were young.

Here is the original...

And the pic from today...

The stinkery one is still in the middle :o)


Dawn said...

Beautiful quilt!

Fun picture of the siblings.

Heidi Stork said...

CUTE pics! I love the recreated photo of Andy and his sister. What a great idea! And the quilt...super cute :)


Linda said...

Just browsing and I love your blog!
Nice photos and the quilt is lovely!
Please drop by my blog if you have time:
Days Touched By Grace.

grammy said...

What a beautiful quilt
bet Great Grammie was so happy to be with everyone
the picture is great
yes he looks like the stinkery one
that grin with the little pouty lip and eyes ready for mischief (o:

Marsha's Mpressions said...

that replicate pic is so cute and such a good idea. You should frame them side by side!

Loved your comment on my post today! How sweet to hear those two elderly ladies talking like that and how true!