Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here We Go Again!

No new pictures, it is too dark, but the fence vs. flower saga continues. The property behind our house belongs to Walmart and they are to be fixing our fence from the storm damage over a week ago. We have been in contact with the City several times to get them to push to get someone out to fix the fence. It took 4 days to get someone to even come look, then when they came, they just propped up the broken panels and slid the broken posts into the existing holes and have not been back for 5 days. We have complained again to the City about this hopefully temporary "fix" explaining that it was another problem waiting to happen. Well..... tonight when I got home from a 12 hour day at work the fence was back on the ground. Actually not on the ground, but on what we had salvaged of my flowers and shrubs. We were very patient the first time and were not asking Walmart to pay for the damage to the yard since the storm wasn't their fault, but this time the damage is directly related to their irresponsibility and we will be asking them to replace some of the damaged items. Once again, not anything to worry about in the big picture, but I needed to VENT!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess Who Is One Year Old Today???

Olivia turns one year old today (and I guess Grammy does too!) It hardly seems possible that it has been a whole year; it has flown by and been one of the most fun ones I can remember.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Starting With a Bang--Day 2

This morning started out to be nearly as eventful as yesterday. Much quieter, but eventful none the less. Last night as we were trying to see what we could salvage from the storm damage, my sweet hubby had a little accident. To make a long story short, a piece of steel fencing (kind of like chicken wire, but little squares) fell from its hanging place in the garage and punctured his left hand in 8 or 9 places. The metal that did the puncturing is not small and pointy like a needle, but fairly big around with blunt tips. While he could not be convinced to go to an ER last night, the pain and swelling through the night and this morning convinced him that we needed to make a trip to a Prompt Care facility. His hand is very swollen and it hurts alot to bend his fingers. He of course, got a tetanus shot and was sent on his not-so-merry way. He could not hold the pen to write which should be interesting as he is out of town the rest of the day on appointments that may involve alot of writing. On Tuesdays I am at the church from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., so I could not go along to be his "secretary" for the day.

Currently in my Ladies' Bible study we are doing the Beth Moore series, "Wising Up" which is a wonderful study in the book of Proverbs. Todays lesson is on the Proverbs 31 woman, specifically about having wisdom as a wife. It is a POWERFUL lesson and I have felt a huge burden to get as many women as possible to attend and hear this message. I sent out cards to the class and some others who are not attending this summer telling them that I thought the message was so very powerful that Satan would do anything he could to distract them from attending . . . My sweet hubby pointed that fact out to me this morning as we were rushing to get to the Prompt Care and get me to the church on time to start the study. I wasn't couting on me being the one with the distractions.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning with some fear and trembling! Here's to a quiet, uneventful morning.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today Started With a Bang!

This picture is not posted sideways--it is what I saw first thing this morning. I woke up abruptly to wind whipping somewhere around 60-70mph. Stuff was hitting the side of the house and then I heard a loud crack and crash... Four sections of the back fence came down and when we lifted them later this is what we found...

We had just talked a couple of days ago about getting a picture of the dark red lilies, because they were more beautiful and bountiful than they have ever been. I think there is a lesson in there about not procrastinating! We also lost a lilac bush that I have been babying for the last 10 years. It makes me sad to look out there...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Created for our Enjoyment!

We planted a new rose in our bed this spring and I love it--here is a close up one of the blooms in all of its splendor.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Couple More Garden Shots

Not much time again, but wanted to put up a few more garden shots, especially for Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jason.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick Post to Prove I'm Still Here!

There has been no time for blogging the last couple of weeks--every day has been full to overflowing; good, but busy. I thought I would take a few minutes when I should be in bed and say hi and of course add a couple pictures of our cutie girl playing in the garden last weekend. Olivia visited today for about an hour while mommy went to the dentist. Nice surprise. Papa called me at work to tell me she was coming so I took my lunch break and came home. Good thing--she was great, but had a messy diaper blowout that Papa would have found next to impossible to deal with. Good thing Grammy was here to save the day!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Guess Who Came to Visit!!!

Jennifer had a meeting at school today, so WE GOT TO HAVE OLIVIA for most of the day! We have been missing her soooooo much. She got to be my little helper for morning Bible study. The ladies LOVED it and she was good as gold. Papa and I agreed that we had the most fun today we have had all summer!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Some More B&B Pics

I thought I would take a minute to post a few more pictures from the B&B we stayed at in Wisconsin. We have never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before, but I am sure we will again. My sweet hubby found the place on the internet as a surprise for me. When we pulled up, we were both a tad leery as the buildings had somewhat faded silk flowers in the window boxes, but that was the only thing about the whole stay that wasn't first rate. The suites each had a theme--ours was a loft that looked like a log cabin on the inside. Each step leading up to the loft was stenciled with the words "Grow Old With Me The Best Is Yet To Be" a favorite quote of ours. The grounds were absolutely lovely with little seating areas scattered about. There were large lawn games like chess and checkers and several gazebos overlooking the beautiful garden areas. There were also several double hammocks scattered about the grounds, perfect for relaxing. After delicious cheesecake and coffee were delivered to our suite, we found one of the hammocks to be the perfect place to watch the stars and enjoy the perfect summer evening. It was such a peaceful getaway and neither one of us was ready to leave.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Refreshing Retreat

I don't have much time for a post, but it has been way to long...
We went to Wisconsin a couple of weekends ago for a wedding and my sweet hubby booked a bed and breakfast for us on the way home as a surprise. It was lovely and peaceful and restful and a much needed retreat. It was really a blessing for us both. I got some great pictures, but only have time to get one up--maybe more later.