Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess Who Is One Year Old Today???

Olivia turns one year old today (and I guess Grammy does too!) It hardly seems possible that it has been a whole year; it has flown by and been one of the most fun ones I can remember.


Sherry said...

I bet those cheeks get a lot of kisses from Grammy! She's so cute!

Our granddaughter turned 4 this past April. It does pass too quickly. We now have a 1 month old grandson, too. (I get to babysit tomorrow for the first time while they take big sister out for a special day!)

Enjoy that little darlin'. Take pics of her birthday and post them!

Melissa Tiearney said...

Now, if you get to turn 1 today also, do you add that to the years you've already earned the traditional way? And will you continue this with each additional birthday and with subsequent grandchildren?

Just wondering


THE ROOST said...

She is a DOLL:)) Happy birthday to both of you!

Mary Ann said...

Where did the time go. Seems like we were3 just heading to the hospital to see her for the first time.