Monday, October 18, 2010

A Happy Day with the Grandgirls!

I haven't been around the blog for way too long. We were gone for a week on vacation (someday I'll get pics up). The week before was spent working like crazy to get ready to be gone a week and since then I have been playing catch up. However, things have finally come back to our normal, somewhat crazy routine. We had our sweet girlies today and I got some cute pics to share.

This is our silly little Ella's new trick. She's crawling like a pro, and pulling up to a half-stand. It is adorable and she does it alot. She stays and plays this way for a long time...cracks me up.

I think Ella may be the happiest baby ever

She smiles and giggles all the time.

Olivia and I broke out my new Cricut paper doll cartridge today. She LOVED it. She made a get well card for mommy and a farm picture. She told me Mommy would feel better when she saw the farm. She also told me Mommy was sick because she didn't brush her teeth :o) Who knew you could get the flu from not brushing!

She was very specific about how she wanted to make her farm picture. It needed a red barn with green tractor like Uncle Dan's. It also needed a daddy pig, a mommy pig, a big sister pig and a baby pig :o)

Here Olivia is showing her creation to her most appreciative audience.

Explaining to Grandpa how she cut the grass with the really cool scissors

I should add a picture of the way my room looks tonight after a day of 3 year old crafting. She is definately a messy crafter just like grammy :o) Better get to the clean up!

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grammy said...

What cutting out everything by hand (o:
Today we used an orange marker on a coffee filter then brushed it with water...for a water color look...then glued black triangles on it for a Jack o lantern.