Saturday, February 12, 2011

That's Quite a Ring!

Olivia came back to Grammy's house from her preschool Valentine's Day party very excited. She sat for an hour looking over and over her Valentines telling me if they were from "new" friends or "old" friends. (Her preschool class has some new students this semester).

Her absolute favorite Valentine was a ring pop! She unwrapped it, put it on, took a lick and said: "Now I have a ring just like mommy and grandma Terry."

I'll bet you didn't know that Jennifer and I had such fine taste in jewlery!


grammy said...

So sweet
remember when Valentines was not all about candy???
so is the rock on your ring that big (o:

June Houck said...

Perfect title! I am so happy you are documenting these sweet moments for both of your beautiful granddaughters. Your posts always make me smile :)