Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Monday Fun!

Lots of fun today with our favorite little girlies. Grandpa loves to read to them. Another favorite for Olivia and Grandpa scrolling back through my blog to look at pics and watch videos Olivia and I were punching out the rest of the cards for her Dora Memory Game and we decided the grids looked like a cage--so we taped them together to make a cage for puppy and Olivia became the zookeeper Not sure what this was, but part of the zookeeper/puppy show. I got to sit and applaud for puppy's tricks. It was hilarious: he sat up, laid down, and rolled over and Olivia was so proud! We made mini pizza's for lunch from biscuit dough. Olivia took the sauce spreading very seriously But, her favorite part was eating cheese...she told us, "I love snitching!" This picture from last week cracks me up. Ella and Annie are both looking for leftovers from Ella's lunch Ella is really starting to enjoy the babies
So ends the Monday fun...back to work cute pictures will follow.


Mike and Michelle Regan said...

Wonderful pictures...looks like a perfect day!

grammy said...

We have soooo many babies around here. Sometimes I walk in a room after all the kids are gone...and it gives me a 'FriGhT' thinking it is a real baby left on the floor or some such nonsense.
That is so cute that they are both looking for leftovers.

elizabeth said...

I love seeing Olivia being so serious about spreading the sauce since she's normally big smiles and laughter!