Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Almost Done

No time for blogging lately...every spare minute has been spent decorating. Each year when I begin, I wonder if it is worth the time spent, then I get it all in place and am always glad I took the time. I love spending a little time in the evening with just the soft Christmas lights and some Christmas music, it is so peaceful and good for my spirit.

I changed up a few things this year, partly to move some of the Dicken's Village up a little higher because of a certain darling 16 month old's curosity, and partly because it was time to do something different to the mantle. Since we have been here, we have hung the stockings on the mantle. This year I have moved them around the corner and (thanks to blog inspiration) made a garland.

We used to have the Village all set up on either side of the fireplace, but have moved it to several locations this season.

I have a few things yet to do, but right now it is time to get off the computer and go make some supper for my sweet, hungry hubby.


Melissa said...

I like it! and i'm glad you're taking the time to put up decorations... I'll just plan on enjoying yours =)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

OH it is SO worth it! It is all lovely! ;0)

Mom of three boyz!! said...

Your house is always so perfect...kind of like Matha (he,he,he,he). No really I really love coming to your house and ejoying all of the cheer. I could really use some help. I wish we lived closer so you could come and place your creative touch on my house. NEVER stop decorating.

Mary Ann said...

Love your garland. I wondered how you would manage the Dickens pieces this year. It is very pretty. Enjoy!

Shonda said...

Beautiful Terry!! I'll have to come over and see!