Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Knew?

I am not a big one for jumping on the bandwagon... I saw a link to this video several times before I finally watched. I have watched it four times now and been moved to tears. It will leave you feeling good--I promise.


Dawn said...

I'm so glad I watched it again, because I couldn't understand what she said the first time, and this time I caught the part about never being married, never being kissed. What a great voice she has, and hopefully a great future. I'd love to see her makeover!

I saw many more rather disgusted faces than last time, and I am so glad she did so well - Simon's face was the most fun to see.

I wish American Idol didn't limit age.

Debbie said...

I watched this video earlier today and got such chills listening to Susan's beautiful voice. I loved seeing it again. I was planning to use that video for a post next week but they've disabled it from being uploaded. I was so disappointed. I'm sure there's a buzz about Susan and I'm so glad!

grammy said...

Yes!! I just now watched it again... but have seen it a lot. Bless her heart! She represents all of the people that are over looked for one reason or another. So cute when she starts to walk off the stage and they have to call her back. How on earth did she stay so composed while the audience was going crazy. Even a seasoned stage singer would find it hard (o: