Friday, June 5, 2009

Outside Fun

Starting next week, our Mondays and Fridays are going to be much more quiet and kind of lonely. Olivia's mommy is about to begin summer break. Great for Mommy and Olivia, just a little sad for Grammy and Papa. We started the morning with one of Olivia and Papa's favorite things, pancakes at IHOP! Then who could stay inside on this perfect, BEAUTIFUL spring day? Olivia and I played outside the whole time she was here (except for a much needed nap--hers, not mine:0) She loves playing in the little rose bed fountain, and it's not a bad way to wash off the sand and the bubbles:0)

Taking a little break...playing makes you so tired!

Time for more bubbles...

Olivia kept looking at her Papa today and saying Gampa, Gampa, Gampa with a stinkery little smile...those two are quite a pair.


June Houck said...

Oh, she is a cutie...I think her mom should leave her with you ;)

Dawn said...

Maybe Mommy will want some breaks as the summer goes by! How old is your Olivia?

DC is wonderful with the girls - gives me great breaks when I have them for days in a row.

Goose Hill Farm said...

I'm sure her mom will want to take some breaks over the summer. I don't have any grandchildren (yet), but I can understand that those days with Olivia will be terribly missed.


Sherry said...

So precious! I know you must love her visits. Grandchildren are the best!
Maybe you can schedule some play times with her this summer. I'm sure Mom would enjoy and little self-time here and there.

Anonymous said...

Oh what and adorable picture