Sunday, July 5, 2009

Exhausted...With a Smile!

What a weekend...and this old grammy is EXHAUSTED! We crammed LOTS of celebrating into a short weekend. Friday night hubby and I went to an area park for music and fireworks...we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Saturday a.m. we drove a couple of hours to a family reunion with my sweet hubby's family. This side of the family rarely has the opportunity to spend any time together. The last reunion was 8 years ago. Both our kids and their spouses and of course sweet little Olivia were able to attend with us which made it ever better :o) Unfortunately, I spent so much time enjoying conversation that I failed to get even one good picture :o(

We rushed home trying to decide whether or not to attend Red, White and Boom in Peoria as it had been raining steadily ALL DAY! The rain finally stopped and we enjoyed an awesome display of 4,800 pounds of fireworks.

After church this morning and a quick cookout for lunch we hurried off to Peoria for the Chiefs game. Aramis Ramirez and Reed Johnson were doing some rehab this weekend before returning to the Cubs tomorrow. It was a great game but not miserable and a great way to end the holiday weekend with lots of smiles for the whole family.

Now--this old grammy could use a nice looooooong nap :o)


Goose Hill Farm said...

Yawn..........I need a nap just reading about your weekend! :> )

I so enjoy reading your blog. You are so down-to-earth and your love for your family just shines through so brightly!

Thank you for sharing your pictures at the game.....even though you are rooting for the CUBS! GO, YANKEES!!


June Houck said...

You have a beautiful family! So glad you were all able to see each other for the holiday weekend :)

elizabeth said...

What a great family weekend - aren't they the best? And Olivia looks darling in her Cubs outfit.

Dawn said...

We had a good week-end, too. It rained twice on Saturday, but the sun brought a beautiful rainbow, and the fireworks show was able to go on.

I'm tired too!

Sherry said...

That was a busy weekend -- but fun! Those were good pictures.

We watched fireworks from our front porch while a heavy thunder storm was passing through. I was surprised that they still did the fireworks show! Amazingly, they were beautiful. Rain on July 4th! Rain in July -- almost unheard of around here!

grammy said...

Sounds great. We had a weekend just about like that. Family,rain,fireworks(o:

dannisdoodles said...

national nap day? works for me...giggle. thank you for sharing you with us, you have the most beautiful family & the wee one is such a doll baby ♥♥♥

hugs & so much love!

christy rose said...

Thanks for stopping by my site the other day. I am so happy to meet you. I can not believe that I met someone who actually lives in my home town in the blogging world. I love your post here today. Your grand daughter is beautiful. I have a daughter named Olivia too. She is 12.
It looks like you had a great time at the Chiefs game. We usually try to go see them a couple of times before the season ends too. It is a fun time.
I would like to get to know you more. Stop by and visit again sometime. I will come back to visit you also.
Christy Rose