Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The View from my Desk!

I snapped this pic with my phone at work today. Olivia's regular sitter could not watch her at all this week, so Grammy has been filling in. Olivia helped me lead Ladies' Bible study Tuesday morning...she sat in the back and sang songs the ENTIRE time. It was adorable :o) Today we worked in my office. My desk has never seen so much fun--playdough, teddy grahams, crayons--oh yeah, and some newsletter work. I have been going back to work in the evenings to keep up. It's been a fair tradeoff! I am afraid I will be bored when I have to go back to working without the playdough :o)


June Houck said...

Hooray, Olivia's back! Who needs a regular sitter when Grammy is available?

You are creating a lifetime of happy memories for her. I practically lived with both sets of my grandparents before my mom re-married. I stayed with my maternal grandparents Sun. night-Wed. afternoon, when my other grandparents would pick me up Wed.-Fri. night. My mom had me on weekends. I loved being with my grandparents. Which reminds me, I need to call them :) Yep, I am 42 and I still wish I could live with them during the week. But one lives in FL, the other set live ~an hour away.

Your Olivia posts remind me of those happy happy years!

elizabeth said...

Oh yes that is a happy desk! I can only imagine the joy it must be feeling with Olivia and her stuff all around. And Grammy is right there smiling so big. I know this has been great for you....and her!

Goose Hill Farm said...

I agree with you, June........OLIVIA'S BACK!!!

What's a desk without a little playdough and some snacks!

I look forward to one day having my desk filled with my grandchildren. Ahhhh....the memories we will make! :> )


grammy said...

How much fun is that??? A little one and her play dough to help Grammy work (o:

christy rose said...

Awww! You are such a good gramma!