Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wait and See...God is Up to Something!

I have heard this Brandon Heath song alot and like the message, but just saw the video this morning...LOVE the video, thought  you might like it too!


Dawn said...

I just found this song the other day when my son sent me the title - I don't know if you saw the post where I included one of the many choices of videos - he sent it to me as his testimony, as he is working on his demons at Teen Challenge. If you didn't see it, check back two posts to see his picture as he is looking better all the time. I love love the words.

As for your Olivia gathering stuff for naptime - the twins take at least an hour to go to sleep, now that they don't have their bottles in bed any more. So they have each other, I guess, and don't need toys and stuff. So cute.

grammy said...

I like that song and it so fits my 24 year old son. Nail on the head.