Sunday, September 4, 2011

Operation Saving Baby Bunny

Meet the newest guest in the Felix zoo...appropriately named by Olivia as "sweet little baby bunny"...
A few days ago Andy found some baby bunnies in the corner flower garden. I was less than excited as darling little baby bunnies eat EVERYTHING in sight. Olivia had an entirely different opinion however.
She fell in love at first sight...
Andy and I were both afraid from the beginning that the mama had abandoned these little cuties
Olivia sang to her new friend...
She asked if "sweet little baby bunny" was friends with granpa's fish :o)
She absolutely did NOT want to give it up but we made her put it back in the garden...I know WHAT was I thinking?!?
Unfortunately it rained last night and turned pretty chilly. When Andy went out this morning he found one little baby had not survived the night and found this one mostly cold but still breathing. My kind-hearted hubby couldn't bear to let it lay out in the cold and die, so he held it in his hands to warm it up. Found it a new towel-lined home and brought it inside. Tom and Jen brought us some baby formula and we began syringe feedings.
Poor little thing could barely open its eyes. I was sure he was a gonner. Jennifer started the feedings out with lots of helpful observers.
Apparently baby bunnies respond well to excessive amounts of attention and tender loving care.
FYI... I have NOT volunteered for the 2 a.m. feeding.
He/She's looking pretty good tonight...If "sweet little baby bunny" survives, he/she will need a new home as she will not be allowed to reside in my garden...any takers???


Shonda said...

Absolutely adorable, Terry!~

grammy said...

How sweet.
They are cute...when I was little we feed baby rabits with an eye dropper. What an adventure for your little one. My 7 year old grand did get a rabit this summer. She saved her money and bought it off ebay...loves it (o:

Goose Hill Farm said...

How sweet! I hope the little bunny is doing well!