Monday, November 14, 2011

Crafty Grammy is in Over Her Head

No surprise that Olivia wanted to "do a craft" today. We decided on a turkey wreath.
She worked very hard...singing all the time :o)
Cute wreath grammy asks the fatal question...where should we hang it up?
She tells me we will hang it on our float. Silly grammy asks: "What float?" Darling grandgirl answers: "The one we are going to make...outside...big enough to ride on!" Yikes! Grammy is now in WAY OVER HER HEAD! Besides all the crafting, Olivia and puppy spent alot of time galloping and galloping on her stick horse.
This was (in Olivia's own words) the Ballerina Cowgirl--cute, isn't she?
Little Ella who is not so little anymore spent some time coloring...
And "reading" to the puppy...and dragging toys all over the house :o)
Olivia's plan is to make our float when she comes back on Friday...better stock up on some building supplies!


Goose Hill Farm said...

Hey, Terri~

How beautiful the girls are and how much they have grown! Look at Olivia's hair....GORGEOUS!

Good idea to start stocking up on building supplies...LOL!


Mike and Michelle Regan said...

I LOVE this post!! So precious!!

June Houck said...

I am anxious to see if Grammy makes a float :) Perhaps you could start with an inflatable punching bag from the "$5 Below" store (do you have those in your area?)

Olivia and Ella are prettier and prettier! Truly. I love that Olivia wants to craft with you :)

grammy said...

I may have to use that idea...not the float..I refuse to make a float. I am never sure if the littles can get the glue to stick on the chain idea... and heaven forbid a stapler...yikes.