Sunday, May 18, 2014

Learning to Wait...

Living Room Before and After 
Six long months ago our world turned upside down.  I really, really wish there was some progress to share, but once again there is nothing but a few more promises. I NEVER would have believed 6 months ago that we would still be in this place today, but here we are. The contents revision, that was to have been returned to us weeks ago, is still nowhere to be found. Our contractor and adjuster are scheduled to meet face to face (for the first time) for one final fight to the finish this coming Tuesday. Pray the contractor knows where to give in and where to hang tough and that he comes out with an agreement. 

Andy is out of town for a few days, so I spent several hours yesterday learning how to make an iMovie to distract myself from and help process the painful memories of the difficult anniversary day. I put together pictures (some of them I was seeing for the first time) of our post tornado mess intermixed with pictures of how those same spots looked before...some beautiful, joyful memories of home that can't be blown away.  You can see the video from the link below: 

Before, During and After The Tornado 11/17/13 

Here is the house plan that our builder is working diligently to get approved by the insurance company so we can finally finish digging out the basement and foundation and get started on the new house.  Maybe good news this week!  

Unfortunately, we are far from alone in this hard place of back and forth with insurance.  There are many others in the same uncomfortable boat.  I assume the size of the disaster has make insurance companies less willing to "give" what we need.  It, however, is not a gift.  We paid for it... for years.  So frustrating to have to fight for every little thing.  

So for now, we continue to take another step each day as God leads.  His faithfulness has never failed to be enough and we remain confident that His plan is for our good.  We are trying to patiently wait for it to be fully revealed...that is harder some days than others :)  Please continue to pray for wisdom for us as we make decisions that we will know clearly what to do next and when to do it!     

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