Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17...

Big feelings today... Remembering our sweet baby son Scott Andrew born November 17, 1986. He was only with us for a couple of hours but he will always be loved and remembered. 

Two years ago today 
Our first look at the destruction
And then November 17, 2013... 

Within a few days after the tornado I heard the expectation for rebuild was 2 years. I remember thinking #1 that it could not possibly take that long, #2 we would never survive two years. Two years later... It took that long and we indeed survived, sometimes feeling as if we were hanging on by a thread, but always knowing we were securely held by our good, good Father. I have been reminded how very weak I am, and how strong He is. I am fearful, He is trustworthy. I am ever-changing, He is never-changing and always faithful. I am anxious, He is peace. I am shortsighted, He is Sovereign.
Then and Now
We still miss the home that will always live in our hearts. At the same time we are more than grateful for our beautiful new home. So many people to thank like Joe, Chuck, and Caroline at CT Gabbert Construction (and a host of amazing sub contractors), Jerime Gendron of Gendron Landscaping, A1 Fence and more.
Cheery yellow door :)
We so much appreciate the leaders of our beloved community. They have been amazing. working tirelessly to help all of us get home as painlessly as possible, sometimes under next to impossible conditions. Washington as a community is well on the way to recovery and ready to move forward.
Making some new memories 
Support and encouragement from friends, family, and strangers held us up on the hardest days. We still feel worn physically and emotionally. We will never be the same people we were before this two year journey, we are better in some ways, some ways not. With home pretty much finished and our insurance claim finally closed (in spite of a rocky beginning they ended up covering us well) it feels like we are ready to turn the page and move forward. Hearts and bodies are not as easily restored as the wood and brick of houses, but thankfully we can continue to trust the One who promises: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.“ Jeremiah 29:11 NLT. Two years ago today I posted a scary picture and the following words to let friends and family know we had survived: "This is what is left of home, but we are safe and God is good :)"   We still are and He still is. :)

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