Friday, October 30, 2009

Bootiful Girl

Had to put up a pic of the Bootiful little lady who played at our house today. This may be the only Halloween picture we see. Olivia wants nothing to do with her costume. Mommy and daddy have been trying hard to convince her that it is fun to wear a costume, but so far she is standing firm in her decision. When her dear daddy was young he was absolutely terrified of anything in a costume, so maybe it is genetic ;o)


Goose Hill Farm said...

She certainly is a BOO-TIFUL Girl! :> )


grammy said...

so cute. It will be funny to see if she likes the other costumes or not. They usually have to wear a coat over everything here anyway. Have fun.

June Houck said...

Oh, she is such a cutie! Perhaps she will change her mind...let us know :)

elizabeth said...

Every time I see her I'm struck by how long her hair is at her young age! She truly is boo-tiful.