Monday, October 19, 2009

Story Time with All My Friends

Olivia loves reading books with Grandpa Andy (or anybody that will read) but this particular time was a classic stall for nap time.   I told her we would read two stories then naptime.  She insisted on getting out every friend she could find (one at a time) and lining them all up for story time.  Even "Horsey names Zebra" got to sit on Grandpa's shoulder.

Edited to add: I just noticed the "tell-tale" oreo cookie crumbs around her mouth... ooops!   Maybe chocolate cookies for lunch gave her too much energy to need a nap :o)


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

this is soooo adorable, you two look like the best of grandparents. My mother is a "Grammy" to my niece, I adore that name....God Bless You and most of all cherish the moments with your granddaughter, time goes so fast. My niece is now going on 14, wow I remember when she was born...have a wonderful week!


June Houck said...

What a wonderful Grammy you are! My grandma always made me eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast (per my mom's orders). It was a VERY small bowl of cereal, then I could choose to have a slice of angel food cake or a small scoop of chocolate ice cream for breakfast dessert :) This was served to me on a silver tray, because I was propped up on a chair and ottoman watching Sesame Street or the Flintstones. Good times.

grammy said...

So cute. My little two year old is sitting on my lap and wants to know if she can play with that girl (o:
Mine all love to be read to. My seven year old is now a great reader and often takes over... so funny.

Dawn said...

Very cute! She has lots of friends. Katie loves to hold a dolly or an animal right up to her cheek. But Emma will push it away if you offer her one. They are so different in some ways.

And they don't like naps any more! I put them down and they "visit" for about an hour. Then if they haven't fallen asleep by then, they begin to cry - or at least one of them cries while the other miraculously sleeps.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Grammy's great.....cause it's cookies for lunch, I ate! lol

You are awesome and Olivia is just a cutie!

Glad she enjoys reading so much with Grandpa Andy!