Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Craft Room

We have been busy little bees for the last week or so--turning the old upstairs craft room into a guest room and the basement family room into a new, improved craft room. I have been asked to post some pics so here goes...keep in mind there is still work to do.

This is just down at the bottom of the stairs. The paper rack is something my sweetie researched and made for me; it is perfect storage and it is on wheels in case I need to move it--he thinks of everything :o)

Next is my desk. Once again a creation from my sweet hubby. Quite a few years ago he took the wood from Tom's dorm loft and turned it into a desk for me--he's a talented guy, isn't he?!!

Some canvas prints I did in an online class with Wilna Furstenberg...she's a great teacher! One of the things we'd still like to do is get rid of the flower border...but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

This is the new storage piece we got at IKEA. I LOVE it. Especially the new workspace. I was always creating in a little tiny square on the desk--so nice to have room to spread out.

This corner still needs alot of work. I have to go through books and weed out and store away, then hopefully move out two of the cases. But for now Olivia's table is set up in front of them. She was so excited when we moved "our craft room" downstairs. The first time she came after we assembled the IKEA unit she walked straight to the bin that I filled with her craft stuff and pulled it out and started working. We hadn't told her that it even existed...somehow she just knew. I love sharing my room with my favorite litte crafter and can't wait 'till Ella can join the fun!

These are cases I moved from my upstairs room filled with all kinds of stuff. I love the vintage coke crates that my father-in-law gave me years ago; the hold my acrylic paints.

Back to where we started with punches stored in a shoe storage bag on the door. This is another of Olivia's favorite spots!

And of course, this would be totally boring without including some cuteness. Here is Olivia making a Twizz-eler moustache for Grandpa. Twizzlers are her favorite treat for being a big girl and using the bathroom which she is doing amazingly well!

I am really, really happy with the new space so far and now I have room for friends to come and play-- consider this your invitation!


Pop Art Minis said...

HI Terry! This is awesome! GREAT JOB! Love the IKEA piece! Happy Crafting!

Goose Hill Farm said...

I'm on my way, girlfriend! Consider this my RSVP! :> )

WOW.....I am so jealous of all the work space and all the neat little things you have. What a great space!

May you have years and years of wonderful memories being made with your precious ones within those walls!


Mary Ann said...

Amazing! Can't wait to see it in person. I am sure you will spend many enjoyable hours in your new space. Love the picture of Olivia.

Dawn said...

Very nice! I'm not crafty at all, but I can sure see how much you will enjoy this lovely space!