Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Things You Can Learn from a Two Year Old

For a while now we have been walking down a difficult road, facing a long-term, daily problem that only seems to get worse with no hope for a resolution. Many days I feel completely with out hope concerning this situation. Some circumstances this morning left the burden feeling particularly heavy, but in God's perfect timing our daughter-in-law called and needed someone to watch Olivia for an hour. Of course, grandpa said yes :o) So I ran home and pulled some lunch together for the three of us. While we were enjoying lunch our darling girl was singing for us. She was singing one of the songs we heard her sing in church last Sunday--I loved it then, but it has touched me deeply this afternoon as I have listened to the words over and over again. So I thought I would share the video...the message is perfect for whatever difficulty you may be facing. As you listen picture super cute little two year old with her arms wrapped tightly around herself singing at the top of her voice: "Oh no, you never let go..." and feel encouraged.


Linda said...

Wow!! Just beautiful-so encouraging and inspirational. I loved being here today!

Sherry said...

Yes, God can use little ones to touch us ... deeply. I pray that you will feel God walking you through this valley and know that He is ever present and working on your behalf. He promises to make the paths straight for His children! Go with His peace.