Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Years Ago Today

30 years ago today our lives changed. Dramatically. For the good. When God sent this precious blonde haired boy to make us a family.

And now he is 30. And I am old. And he has his own beautiful family. And we are so proud of the husband and father he has become. (And we like that they are all dressed in Cubby blue)!

Happy Birthday Tom...we love you!


Dawn said...

Happy birthday, Tom, and congratulations on such a beautiful family!

grammy said...

Happy BD to your son...he looks like his Dad(o:
some day I will have to figure out how to put blog address and stuff on facebook (o:
My middle son will be 33 in Oct.
Oldest daughter was 35 in May.... how did that happen
We are not old lol