Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What to Do on a Summer Day...

On this fine summer day we started our fun by making a necklace. Olivia was so patient and serious about stringing the beads

Modeling the finished product...gotta love the face :o)
Olivia's comment to me the other day: "I get to do a craft everyday I am here...right?" Guess I had better brush up on some kids crafts--quick :o)

Once we had a beautiful necklace to wear, the fun moved out to Grandpa's pond...the fish were hungry!

Feeding the fish made the people hungry--these two LOVE watermelon.

We have had so much fun playing together this summer...I kind of hate to see it end!


Goose Hill Farm said...

Oh, what fun you guys have! Olivia is growing up so quickly right before our eyes.

You are blessed!

Dawn said...

I've had the girls a lot this summer, and the big ones are back in school, so it's a bit easier. I'm not a crafty grandma, though - good thing Grandpa is lots of fun!

grammy said...

we love bead activities .... but when we have a crawler, we have to put them away for awhile.