Monday, April 4, 2011


Today's post is about projects. I have been working on a little project for the ladies' in my Women of the Word Bible study group that is finally completed tonight--just in time for tomorrow's lesson. Whew...even little Ella appears releaved that it is done!

Cutiepie Ella and her big sister Olivia were here today. Ella's project was keeping Grammy hopping with her crazy climbing skills as illustrated below :o)

This is just a little snapshot of project "Keep Grammy in Shape". Since my elliptical has been out of service I needed some extra exercise and I got it bending over and picking things up over and over and over again!

Olivia managed to keep Great Grandpa Dean entertained with "Project Tea Party"

The tea party came complete with what she described as "block dinner" :o)

For those of you who know my house, you may have already noticed the most impressive project in some of the pictures above. Andy has been working on a special project that has been rolling around in his brain and heart for years. When he was administrator at the nursing home he cared for the facilities aviary and fell in love with the birds. So...he researched, planned,designed and created his own beautiful aviary.

We don't have any birds yet, but I had to share his beautiful creation.

He's a pretty talented guy...I think I'll keep him around for future projects ;o)


June Houck said...

Look at that sweet Ella! I love her outfit....does it come in adult size? I remember those days of girls are almost 9yo and they still like to build a tower as high as they can and watch it topple. Those blocks hurt when stepped on too! The tea party looks like fun; my Julia still enjoys her tea parties too :)

grammy said...

Ella and Grandpa have both been very busy (o:
The birds will delight the girls...that's for sure. It is a very beautiful 'Bird House'.