Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two of my favorite faces!

Grammy is biased, but serioiusly, can you get any cuter?

Sort of sitting in the chair...waiting for me to turn my back so she could stand...cute little stinker!

Another of my favorite faces in the whole world!

She skinned her cheek up in a fall last week

I can't believe her long, thick pony tails. They cut several inches off last fall but I think it's back already. She has a ton of hair for a three year old.

This was her telling me how "concerned" she was about her sore cheek.

Olivia requested bows for puppy and matching bows for herself so grammy was happy to fix them both up!


Debbie said...

They are adorable! No wonder they are your two favorite faces in the whole wide world. :)

Blessings and love,

June Houck said...

Those girls are precious! I love their outfits; but I bet they would make any outfit look cute :)

grammy said...

Cuties...climber for sure and that gorgeous hair (o:
Grands bring such joy!