Monday, April 11, 2011

Swingin' into Spring!

Today's weather was BEAUTIFUL, pretty much perfect. Olivia talked grandpa into getting the swings out of storage and up in the tree. Our deal was that she had to take an hour "rest" before she could go outside. She closed her eyes "fake-snore, fake-snore, fake-snore", then "Has it been an hour yet?" It was a looooong hour ;o)

She had some fun on her new tire swing

She also tried out every toy in the outside toy box. The bubbles, as always, were a hit! Love the scrunched up, blowing face :o)

Looks like she might learn to share her grandpa's love for baseball. What I love is how they look at each other.

Hands down my favorite pic of the day!

Looks like Ella likes swingin' into spring too!


Mike and Michelle Regan said...

What a great post and great pictures!! Spring is in the air!!

June Houck said...

I love those faces, the blowing bubbles face, her thick gorgeous hair…I love that you are documenting these treasured times!

grammy said...

Great pics and great summer times.
I keep forgetting to buy a for the wind we have here.